Thursday, May 26, 2011

Land for School!

For a couple of years, we have experienced and shared moments with friends across the globe. The Winslow kids education has not only provided a good reason to appreciate God but has also created a great impact and opportunity for volunteers and well wishers. 
For many reasons, today, we find again another worthy opportunity to recognize your support in prayer and material. For your information, we have progressed well over the years and many children have benefited from this project such that their lives are more hopeful than they were. 
We have leased a farm that we are working on that we hope to use its yields to sustain the project. Besides other needs,  kindly we will like to bring this need of land to your attention. This is because the project is expanding and so needs more organization. For reasons here-below, we find it most appropriate and timely to address this need of land:
  • We are operating from a church building hall that we cannot partition to create a distinction between classes
  • The church doesn't have enough land that we can be allocated part of it to construct classes
  • The  church doesn't have a play ground  that  children can play on
  • We need administration facility for the project that is very close to the children of which we cannot construct right in the church
  • We need to accommodate and serve the community more efficiently by creating enough space that would accommodate many people who are in need.
For these reasons, we have set up a funds raising program that will enable us to acquire a piece of land and put buildings on it for the project.
We kindly humble ourselves as we invite you to partner with us in this proposal. You may contact us on   or deposit your donations to:

Account Details
Citibank NA
New York
Swift Code: CITIUS33
Fed wire: 021000089
Account No: 36201226
Of K-rep Bank Ltd (Branch 6600099)
Account Name of Recipient:  Vincent Nyang’oina Mokaya
Account No. of Recipient:   001120015235
Physical address

P.O.Box 30405, 00100


Thanks in advance!

By Vincent Mokaya